Driverless Cars

1 in 10 New Cars Will Be Driverless by 2035

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are coming — here’s why.

A brave prediction stated that 1 in 10 new cars will be driverless by 2035. Soon enough? Come 2050, IHS Automotive foretold driverless cars could be found everywhere.

Working hand-in-hand with this technology is none other than Alphabet’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL). The company already has self-driving cars and with the almost precision perfect mapping service, together in research, the company already set up building a car-as-a-service platform (Caas). In the year 2025, Google’s map and software will be available as a CaaS.

Simply put, the Caas would allow everyone to use cars which drive themselves, excluding the ownership of a car. This is quite a feat, considering there’s still 85% of us who doesn’t own a driver’s license.
A natural move toward self-driving autos

Much of the car-sharing trends such as Uber can influence the drive towards owning a driver’s license. The United States have been experiencing a steady decline in ownership of a driver’s license. The Millennials contributed to this shift away from traditional driving.

Of course, this doesn’t follow that those without a driver’s license would eagerly jump in a driverless car. It is just logical that a driver’s license is still needed in operating such car for a good number of years. However, if the majority of the American population continues to forgo their driver’s license, then when 2035 comes, the population would have been prepared to step inside a driverless car.

It’s a matter of safety

As self driving cars merge with advanced driving systems, the potential to reduce traffic accidents can reach up to 90%, according to Mckinsey and Co. This translates to about 29,500 lives saved in the US alone from estimates of The Atlantic.

The biggest factor in road accidents is the human driver. Taking this out of the general equation leaves 100% safer traffic. There will be great challenges along the way, but if the outcome is a significant increase in lives saved, driverless cars are very much worth the wait.

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