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Car Oil Change Prices: Service Cost and Other Useful Information

Car Oil Change

Engine oil is the moving force of an engine. The oil is located in the oil pan, which is further kept under your car which is attached to the bottom of your engine. All the internal and moving parts of your engine have to be properly lubricated by the engine oil. In case of improper lubrication, the parts will tend to wear out easily and will also lead to the failure of your engine. Using an oil filter will keep your oil clean and free from the debris. If you do not replace the filter from time to time, it is likely to get clogged and will never be able to pass the oil into your engine.

Oil changes require proper maintenance from time to time. So if you want your vehicle to run efficiently you need to ensure oil changes right away. The payment of your services might vary depending on how much you use your vehicle.

According to the statistics of Angie’s pricing data, the national average for a regular oil change using the conventional oil will be $46. While the minimum price was $25, $50 is the most expensive in this regard. Again, according to the data and statistics of Cost Helper, an oil change operation will typically cost $20 to $55. When you use synthetic oil, the price might change to $45 to $70 on an average basis.

Oil Change Prices of Leading Companies

Caruso’s Auto Repair is a leading automotive company located in Schenectady in New York. According to the owner Joel Caruso, the cost of regular oil change will be $25.99. Again, the cost of synthetic blend oil change would be $36.53. If you’re looking out for full synthetic oil change, then you have to spend a whopping $76.99 on it. Besides choosing the premium or synthetic blend of oil, the filter of your oil is also another big factor in oil change. Drivers, who go about 5000 to 6000 for the oil change, should use the better grade of premium filters. These filters are available at a price of $6.

Lefty’s Automobile is another such company located in Chicago. According to the owner bill dove, the cost of conventional change of oil would be $29.9 and the cost of full synthetic oil change would be $68.98. The company does not provide synthetic blend oil change. They also charge more for the late model cars as the oil change in these cars require much more labor as the engine and the components of the car body come in the way, thereby making your accessibility tad more difficult. The company personnel further added that the high-end price for oil change is around $75 to $95 for full synthetic oil change.

Wright’s Car Care is another oil change company located in Atlanta. Owned by David Daniel, this company offers conventional oil change at $45 while the synthetic oil change is available at a rate of $80 to hundred. They do not offer synthetic blend oil change unless it is personally requested by the manufacturer. This company charges high as they use only original and authentic equipment filters for all the vehicles. The oil changes here are completed by competent and experienced technicians who particularly check the fluids and pressure of tyre. According to the owners their rates for oil change is high as they use quality and high grade equipments during the process.

Jim Matson Automotive, located in Los Angeles offers both synthetic blend and full synthetic oil change. The company is owned by Jim Matson and he does not offer conventional oil change. The synthetic blend oil change is priced at $45 while the full synthetic blend change is priced at $60. According to the owners, the prices charged by them includes the labor charges, which is $20. This includes checking the pressure of the tyre, fluids and changing the oil filters. He further states that an oil change blend can work in any and every car.

On a Final Note

Well, as we come to know, getting your oil changed from time to time is indeed essential to buck up its efficiency and ensure its smooth performance. By getting your oil changed with the right engine oil you will get to enjoy excellent engine protection and the wear, tear and rust of your engine will also be protected in all cases. Proper oil change will keep your vehicle safe in all climates and will also protect it against rust and corrosion.

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