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Points to Remember When Your Wheel Starts Wobbling Suddenly


While you are riding and are in the middle of your journey, you suddenly notice a strange sound or hear some unusual sound from nowhere, you sure will get a bit tensed. You would start wondering what went wrong and how would you be able to get that problem fixed, right? One of the most common issues here may be that your wheels are starting to wobble.

No doubt, the sound could be quite terrible and appalling. It is obviously not a pleasant experience when you feel your car wheels suddenly starting to wobble or hear some strange noise whilst you are busy driving. However a few people have experienced this. One of the most common reasons for this may be either you have had a fresh wheel fitted recently and the mechanic has not carefully tightened the nuts on the wheels. It might also mean that that nut on the wheels with time has worn out and has not been serviced for a long time. This is why, it is important for you to get your tyres and wheels checked regularly so as to stay safe from such occurrences.

Imagine driving to work or you are on the highway, and unexpectedly from the side area of your car, you hear this very strange sound being emitted. This would sound like a periodical thud. It would be like a very dull thumping sound against your wheel. Whenever you hear such a strange sound it will be best for you to stop your vehicle in a safe place. Next come out your car and move to the area from where you heard to noise coming out. If you feel that it is because of the wheels then make sure to compare both the wheels.

First look at the wheels which are in proper working condition and then compare it to the one that has been suspected. Do you feel like they are not in the same position as the other one? Do you notice it at a particular angle? If this is the case, then most probably it has not been fixed properly and is not steady enough for driving. It would be best for you to call for a tow truck since you will not be able to drive any further. If you do so, it might happen that your wheel might come out and fall over. Do ask the tow truck driver to take your car to a reliable and reputed tyre and wheel fitment centre.

At the fitment centre, the workers will check the position of the tyre and they might remove it so that they can check it appropriately. They might ask you to get it replaced in case it turns out being a faulty one. Do ask the fitment centre to run through the wheel alignment test and also to test drive your car before you finally drive it by yourself.

Always remember that whenever you hear any weird or peculiar sound coming out of your car, make sure that you do stop and check it before you finally proceed ahead on your journey.

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