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The Different Kinds of Brake Pads

In any kind of standard automotive braking systems, brake pads form an essential and a vital component. Moreover its importance keeps growing today due to the protective shield it grants to the vehicle. If you do not have them, the wheels of your vehicle will wear down quickly. Even the braking power will get considerably reduced while there would be huge amount of damage caused to the braking system.

Car Brake Pads

They are used on disc brakes and they do contain friction material which assists in enhancing the power to stop the vehicle in a much safe mode. These pads can get easily replaced and they are available in a wide array of forms and price range as well. They are manufactured out of different kinds of material and you can get one as per the performance, durability and the cost.

You can go through the list of them and select one as per your preference:

• Metallic Pads

The most commonly exercised ones are the metallic brake pads. They are lasting, cost effective and reliable when it comes to performance. If you have a small vehicle, it would work best for it. Since they are heavy, they do not bear much impact on the fuel economy. Also the heat transference facto is quite good wit metallic ones. If you start a car on a cold day, heating up the pad, takes a considerable amount of time, generally! Yet, regardless of this, customers still swear by it being a good option to settle for, so far as longevity and cost effectiveness is concerned.

• Organic Pads

These pads are made from organic materials, as the name indicates, such as resin, glass and rubber and they work out being the binding agent. Back in the days, asbestos was regarded as a reliable option, since it could very nicely dissipated heat. Nevertheless, it does even produce dust which was a major concern which would eventually be quite hazardous for the atmosphere and one’s health. Hence, it got replaced with organic or natural materials.

Organic pads are different from metallic pads, since they are not at all heavy and also generate very little noise. They tend to be quite idyllic for smaller vehicles and ones that do not undergo violent driving. Conversely, since they are softer in texture, they have the tendency to wear out soon and even dust is produced.

• Semi-metallic Pads

They are produced from resin and metal fibers. They are quite budget-friendly. Even we the weather is cold; it provides a significantly good grip. To add to this, also brake rotors are not easily damaged. They do come with a smaller lifetime and are a bit noisier than the organic ones. While for the brake dust section, tends to be more that the ones that’s produced by the metallic pads whilst lesser than the organic ones.

• Ceramic Pads

They have been mostly recommended as they bless your vehicle with high performance and great for vehicles that witness speedy driving, sharp turns and recurrent stops. You need not get them repaired repeatedly and they do last for quite a long time span. Dust and break noise is quite low too.

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